Are you aware of your creative power? ht

Are you aware of your creative power?

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New Improved Website for Bearfoot Healing!

Bearfoot Healing has a new revamped website, made simpler and easier to browse and locate what you are looking for.

Bearfoot-Healing---New-Website-2018Pages that seemed unnecessary or added possible confusion were either deleted, or simply removed from the navigation menu.

Further, the site has been tweaked beyond the previous design, to make viewing and browsing easier on tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, after growing concerns about privacy, and in order to remain compliant with confidentiality laws, I have moved away from using Skype for client communications, including Trauma Release Coaching video sessions, and now only use Tox which can be ran through Tor if desired. (The config instructions for Tox over Tor are found here.)

Linux users may find these repository commands for Tox installation helpful

Like before, you must be an existing or previous client in order to communicate with Bearfoot Healing through Tox.

I am looking forward to helping you get your life back .

Tell me how you feel about the new website in the comments.

Sending Infinite Love Light and Wellness to you and all.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

Specializing in anxiety/panic, trauma and PTSD.

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Support of two transgender specific petitions

It is well known I am a supporter of everyone being who they truly are and helping find what that is and resolving what appears to hinder their experiencing of True Self.

I Know in my Heart that each of us experience what is necessary to bring self into alignment with Self and Truth, so I find myself naturally supporting others in their expressions of Being recognizing this is a part of the process of becoming One with The Truth of Self.

I have noticed that for some, sometimes for many, there is a tendency to feel uncomfortable with those who appear different and judge that as wrong or abnormal, often times both.

In the U.S. where I live, as with other countries, there is an inclination towards punishing and out-casting others for what we individually and by extension as a society, have concluded is defective including homosexuality and transgenderism. This reaction is in the process of changing and I am doing what I can to support the transition.

As I did four years ago with Bearfoot Healing, I am affirming…

I have met, been friends with and worked with lesbians, gays, bisexuals and even a transgender, and have found them to be no different from anyone else. To me, ones gender or sexual orientation does not define the person; it is merely an aspect of their expression, so after seeing and reading about all the fear around LGBT rights and equality, and defending them, I wanted to make an even larger statement.

Regardless of your makeup and all that includes, you are Loved, Supported and Accepted by me and will remain so when interacting with my business in any way.

My Heart overflows Complete Love, Compassion therefore Support and Acceptance for all, and lesbians gays bisexuals and transgender are infinitely a part of the All.


Because I feel this way about LGBTQ people and their community, and maybe you do too, I wanted bring a couple of petitions to your awareness.

The first calls for cancellation of the rescission by U.S. President Trump of the Title IX Obama-era guidance which gives federal protections to transgender students. Many states have laws regarding discrimination including of transgender individuals.

I signed this petition because I feel it is important that we as individuals and a society further our support of rights and protections from discrimination at the federal as well as state level. Retraction of any part of Title IX feels like a step backwards unless replaced with an improvement on rights and protections.

Protections for transgender youth

The second is about a recent decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to rate “3 Generations”, a movie about a transgender teen played by Elle Fanning, R (restricted) which would make it challenging for those under 17 in the U.S. to see the film, including those who identify as transgender and feel alienated by current societal standards of norm.

I signed the petition because regardless of the reason(s) for the R rating, I feel it is important that an exception be made with movie for the opportunity of deeper understanding and comfort it may bring.

Change the Rating of “3 Generations” to PG-13

As I’ve said and written many times, I Know that regardless of who you are in physical form and what you have apparently done, you deserve Love. I Love You!

Rev. Christopher StandingBear
Healer – Teacher – Guide – Author

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US Hwy 2 – How about a change of focus

Rev. Christopher StandingBear has written an open letter regarding driver safety on US Highway 2 in Washington State.

“I have traveled Washington State Highway 2 multiple times a month for the last several years and have noticed that there are signs at two locations that keep track of the number of days since the last serious crash.

With so much focused attention and emphasis on serious crashes, it is obvious why this highway hasn’t shaken its “Highway of Death” moniker yet”… Read more.

What are your thoughts?

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How you can make a positive difference

The biggest most impactful results come from doing simple unexpected things for others.

My housemate has visited his favorite espresso stand on a couple of occasions and experienced receiving a free drink paid for by the patron before him.

Two results are clear:

  1. It is totally unexpected
  2. It didn’t just make his day; he talked about it for weeks and still brings it up on occasion.

It was simple and caused him to feel cared about which motivated him to offer the same outcome for someone on Valentine’s Day, touching the recipient enough that she cried in happiness. How wonderful and loving it was for him to receive and give to another in this way.

It is amazing what gift we can give; a smile to a stranger in passing, holding the door for a person with their hands full, sharing our umbrella on a rainy day, paying for someone’s groceries when they are low on funds, or helping another receive the healing help they need.

I provide healing for anxiety panic trauma and PTSD and would love your assistance in making it possible to create a difference that lasts a lifetime for veterans, low-income or no-income individuals who would otherwise go without the help they need and want.

Will you make a positive difference by donating funds and or sharing the opportunity with everyone you know and don’t know?

I trust you will.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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Creating Greater Access | Trauma Release Coaching™

Rev. Christopher StandingBear has provided Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology for over 13 years and during that time there have been a large number of people he has wanted to help and yet couldn’t because of insufficient funding. He offers pro-bono and sliding scale appointments but like anyone else he has bills to pay.

“Out of a deep knowing within myself, I feel everyone deserves to heal regardless of who they are, what they have done, what they have been through or their economic class, so I decided to do something about it and created a crowd-funding campaign to bring accessibility to those who aren’t able to afford the help they need in healing their past trauma and the impact it has on their life.”  Rev. Christopher StandingBear

Even if you aren’t able to contribute to this funding campaign with money, you can still help out by passing this information to everyone you know. Naturally the more who know about it the greater the possibility that my goal of accumulating 40,000 or more dollars to help 216+ people heal will be reached.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Why does the well-being of the underprivileged matter?


Why does the well-being of the underprivileged matter to me?

They are the underdog – I suspect most of us are in some area of our life.

Why do we have a country with large amounts of homeless people while the banks possess an over-abundant number of empty houses?

Why is there anyone going hungry anywhere in the world while others have more food than they can eat and as a result throw it away?

It is important to me that I positively touch the lives of everyone I meet and work with and a part of that is being the change I wish to see in my world… maybe that is true for you as well.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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