What is really going on with covid?

The foundation of how covid came into existence


A deeper understanding of how covid came to be


A series of short clips in one video showing what experts are going through

Is it time to dig deeper and investigate and educate yourself?

What is the “pandemic” a cover for?

What are they trying to, and for many, succeeding to, distract the populace from noticing?

It is a lot like a magician using sleight of hand to deceive the observer.

I Love You!

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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World Wide Walkout – Canada

Canadian Frontline Nurses – World Wide Walkout

To my Canadian brothers and sisters,

This is your opportunity to standup for yourself, your body and your freedom!




I Love You!

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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Is this really what you want?

There are two petitions regarding covid-19 stimulus checks on change.org:

$2000/month to every American and

Demand Congress Pass A New COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The first one I signed when it first came out in 2020 hoping the Truth about covid would come out sooner rather than later; it hasn’t in the US so far, so I am putting my energy fully on right action in the following statement…

Personally, I am far less interested in any stimulus money and totally invested in bringing this whole covid agenda and “vaccine” to an end.

There is so much evidence from top scientists, doctors lawyers etc., speaking out about the truth of this situation and how the governments of the world and the US based CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH etc., have conspired to suppress humankind and alter/mold your behavior to suit their desired outcome through falsehoods, lies and social engineering and manipulation.

Two examples of the manifested outcome has pitted the vaccinated against the unvaccinated and masked vs. unmasked to create division amongst the populace and create a scapegoat and misdirection for what is actually going on.

That is just one small ice crystal on top of the iceberg that has been created under your noses.

Even with all of the misinformation, lies, falsehoods, manipulations through and by governments, mainstream media and social media companies, (particularly the Facebook family of companies and Google), there is a treasure trove of Truthful information right out in the open waiting for you, and it is all backed by scientific evidence, law, medical knowledge, spiritual knowledge, psychology and commonsense.

It is time to stop giving away your power and energy to the fear and control propagated by those who only have their own self-interest in mind. This means dismissing the stories governments, mass media and social media are feeding you, and investigating the Truth and what is Real. You are in essence feeding them and maintaining their control of and over you so you will fulfill their agenda at your expense.

Look around; is this the world you want to live in? Is this how you want your life to be? This will end only when enough people standup for themselves and their body and say no more!

If you knew just how detrimental all of this is and has been on each of you, you would not tolerate it any longer.

Blessings of Love and Light unto you.

I Infinitely Love You Completely and Fully.


Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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Does your vibrational response to covid matter?

I answer the sea of fear, as a gentle powerful ocean of Pure Infinite Love and Light.

The vibration you hold within makes a huge difference in your well-being, impacting the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Please consider this regarding covid; when your vibration is of fear compounded by the fearful media broadcasts that so many surround themselves with, two results are created.

  1. You suppress your immune system which will increase your chances of contracting what you fear.
  2. You contribute to keeping covid in place.

On the other hand, when Love is your vibrational perspective, then greater space and possibilities are available to you, including miracles.

Both fear and Love are very powerful vibrations at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and in the simplest of terms, the stronger you feel one or the other, the quicker and effectively you will get what you are focused on.

An example of this is reviewed in my article, How about a change of focus, in which I lay out how a change of focus from what we don’t want – to what we do want, will manifest what we are actually looking for. This principle remains true regardless of what we are looking at.

Since the beginning of covid, I have been very clear about my position and what energy vibration I choose to hold and carry. I have, and continue to choose, the Purest of Infinite Love and Light; if you really know me, that isn’t a surprise.

Admittedly, I have been deeply Blessed with the clarity to see, feel and know the Truth regarding this situation, and it is openly available to you as well with a little truthful research outside of google.

Blessings to you.

I Love You.


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Has Bearfoot Healing Closed?

Maybe you have seen our Yelp listing proclaiming we have closed.

It’s not at all true.

We are still very much OPEN for business!


So what happened?

In November 2014 we moved out of our physical location with our eye on a place in Monroe WA. That didn’t pan out, so I decided to just keep an online only presence while I continue to look for the next office location. Business has been so slow over the last few years that I’ve never found a place to move to.

I am still available online through the Bearfoot Healing website as it has been since my first website in 2006.

Since then I have made repeated requests to Yelp while logged out and logged into my Yelp Business account, to get the correct information listed. There has been a family living in our old location since early 2015, and they have complained about clients showing up at their door looking for us. Not fair to them obviously.

On the last go around with Yelp, someone decided moved actually meant out of business and made that change. I am currently trying to get this corrected.

As always, I Love you regardless of who you are, what you have done or what you have been through.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

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Happy Holidays – Bearfoot Healing

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Bearfoot Healing!

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Are you aware of your creative power? ht

Are you aware of your creative power? http://ow.ly/q0zU30hUFdv http://ow.ly/i/Cd4Y4

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New Improved Website for Bearfoot Healing!

Bearfoot Healing has a new revamped website, made simpler and easier to browse and locate what you are looking for.

Bearfoot-Healing---New-Website-2018Pages that seemed unnecessary or added possible confusion were either deleted, or simply removed from the navigation menu.

Further, the site has been tweaked beyond the previous design, to make viewing and browsing easier on tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, after growing concerns about privacy, and in order to remain compliant with confidentiality laws, I have moved away from using Skype for client communications, including Trauma Release Coaching video sessions, and now only use Tox which can be ran through Tor if desired. (The config instructions for Tox over Tor are found here.)

Linux users may find these repository commands for Tox installation helpful

Like before, you must be an existing or previous client in order to communicate with Bearfoot Healing through Tox.

I am looking forward to helping you get your life back .

Tell me how you feel about the new website in the comments.

Sending Infinite Love Light and Wellness to you and all.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

Specializing in anxiety/panic, trauma and PTSD.

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Support of two transgender specific petitions

It is well known I am a supporter of everyone being who they truly are and helping find what that is and resolving what appears to hinder their experiencing of True Self.

I Know in my Heart that each of us experience what is necessary to bring self into alignment with Self and Truth, so I find myself naturally supporting others in their expressions of Being recognizing this is a part of the process of becoming One with The Truth of Self.

I have noticed that for some, sometimes for many, there is a tendency to feel uncomfortable with those who appear different and judge that as wrong or abnormal, often times both.

In the U.S. where I live, as with other countries, there is an inclination towards punishing and out-casting others for what we individually and by extension as a society, have concluded is defective including homosexuality and transgenderism. This reaction is in the process of changing and I am doing what I can to support the transition.

As I did four years ago with Bearfoot Healing, I am affirming…

I have met, been friends with and worked with lesbians, gays, bisexuals and even a transgender, and have found them to be no different from anyone else. To me, ones gender or sexual orientation does not define the person; it is merely an aspect of their expression, so after seeing and reading about all the fear around LGBT rights and equality, and defending them, I wanted to make an even larger statement.

Regardless of your makeup and all that includes, you are Loved, Supported and Accepted by me and will remain so when interacting with my business in any way.

My Heart overflows Complete Love, Compassion therefore Support and Acceptance for all, and lesbians gays bisexuals and transgender are infinitely a part of the All.


Because I feel this way about LGBTQ people and their community, and maybe you do too, I wanted bring a couple of petitions to your awareness.

The first calls for cancellation of the rescission by U.S. President Trump of the Title IX Obama-era guidance which gives federal protections to transgender students. Many states have laws regarding discrimination including of transgender individuals.

I signed this petition because I feel it is important that we as individuals and a society further our support of rights and protections from discrimination at the federal as well as state level. Retraction of any part of Title IX feels like a step backwards unless replaced with an improvement on rights and protections.

Protections for transgender youth

The second is about a recent decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to rate “3 Generations”, a movie about a transgender teen played by Elle Fanning, R (restricted) which would make it challenging for those under 17 in the U.S. to see the film, including those who identify as transgender and feel alienated by current societal standards of norm.

I signed the petition because regardless of the reason(s) for the R rating, I feel it is important that an exception be made with movie for the opportunity of deeper understanding and comfort it may bring.

Change the Rating of “3 Generations” to PG-13

As I’ve said and written many times, I Know that regardless of who you are in physical form and what you have apparently done, you deserve Love. I Love You!

Rev. Christopher StandingBear
Healer – Teacher – Guide – Author

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US Hwy 2 – How about a change of focus

Rev. Christopher StandingBear has written an open letter regarding driver safety on US Highway 2 in Washington State.

“I have traveled Washington State Highway 2 multiple times a month for the last several years and have noticed that there are signs at two locations that keep track of the number of days since the last serious crash.

With so much focused attention and emphasis on serious crashes, it is obvious why this highway hasn’t shaken its “Highway of Death” moniker yet”… Read more.

What are your thoughts?

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