I wonder why we teach our children fear. We teach them to fear strangers, for they may hurt them, and yet we expect them to make friends with strangers in school. We teach our children to fear water, for they may drown. What if they turned out to be champion swimmers? Have fear for dogs, for they may bite you; yet dogs save lives every day. Why are we teaching them to fear the unknown?

I am fully aware that negative can and does happen, but why create a life based on it? Why smother the potential greatness in all of us? Instead of creating a circle of unconditional love, we create a circle of unconditional fear. Is this really what we want? I realize that some will feel that fear is necessary to keep them safe…to protect them. I would suggest we teach them to be cautious; fear does not have to be apart of this.

I am not implying that we teach them through our words, but rather through our actions…by example. Kids are very intuitive up to about age five, at which time they tend to be shut down. It isn’t a conscious decision, rather it is a response to a cultural belief that intuition is not needed.

Rev. Christopher-excerpt from “Unconditional Love pt. 2” e-mail 4/3/02

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  1. Phil - personal acct says:

    If we teach our families the Word of God, they will learn to discern and the intuition you speak of will also come. I think it is important to not only be book smart, but street smart. We need to be able to take our learnings and the truth and walk it out in front of others including our children. This will help them to see how to confront and also how to get back up when we stumble. We are not to walk in fear, but are to walk in courage and trust in God. Hopefully the children will not lose this but will be able to pick up the truth that comes from a relationship with God. I pray you will have a great day filled with power and promise in Jesus\’ name. Amen.

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