Unconditional Love

This an excerpt from an e-mail I wrote on 4/3/02 entitled “Unconditional Love part 2”. The missing parts from this email can be found by reading “Fear” and “Grief & Loss” found else where in this blog.
And so it goes…
It is believed by some that you somehow have to “make” yourself come from a place of love. I state for the record, there is no “making” involved; it is a choice! It is what we are already, you just tap into it. Allow the Love that you are, to help you through your pain, suffering, grief…!
I’ve stated that coming from a place of love, would not change the physical happenings that have already occurred in our world, it only changes how it affects me. This message is being written by many the author, song writer, speech writer…  all there is to do, is listen… What do you hear?
There are some who believe that the opposite of Love, is hatred. I disagree! What is behind hatred? What is behind every hate crime? FEAR! Fear of what we do not understand; fear of what we do not see; fear of the unknown! What is under fear, what emotion? I believe it is love. There doesn’t appear to be anything in between fear & love. Love is the core, and fear is there so that we may better understand… experience, and know love for what it is. I understand that we can not fully have one without the other in the physical realm we’ve created. I would ask that you avoid allowing your fears to hold you back.
Please don’t lose your integrity! Please do not avoid what you do not understand. Seek to find out more… look for the understanding. What if you and the life you are living become enriched by that experience… that new knowledge? Think about the tremendous opportunity for growth! If you discover that this new information isn’t for you, then let it go.
I do this all the time. I listen to everything I can; I devour any book I can, all in the search for what I do not understand… for any piece I am missing. I take stuff and compare it to my belief system…trying it on for size..looking to see if it “feels” right for me. If it does, then I take it in for as long as it serves me, releasing it after it becomes outdated. If it doesn’t work for me, then I release it without integrating it into my beliefs.
This is a part of the intensity you may see in my e-mails. I question myself with that same intensity, and it carries over when I write. Please don’t allow my e-mails to offend you…release what doesn’t serve you. These are my thoughts… I choose to share them because I believe they may help you see that there is another way of looking at things… expanding your perceptions.
I can only ask you to follow your heart… it is your life… your path… your freedom. Love lets go… Fear hangs on.
Seek for the space within, where you can find unconditional love. Find importance within you… then outside of you.
Get in touch with your inner wisdom. Write a song, even if you are the only one who ever hears those lyrics sung. Write a poem, even if you are the only one who attends the reading. Write a play, even if you are the only one who goes to the show. Find a way to get in touch with this wisdom. It has always been there… always will be!
It is waiting for your inquiry. Inquire Within!
Perhaps some of you are not getting this unconditional love stuff. Let me see if I can explain it differently. For me, unconditional love is unconditional acceptance of who and what you are. You are not required to be anything, act any certain way, have any certain thing… really, just without condition, you are loved.
Let me use myself as an example. As you know, my ex and I are no longer a couple. It was decided that the choices we were making as individuals were not working for each other, as a couple. We have gone our separate ways, in search for something that better serves us… is a better reflection of who we are right now. But I love her to this day, with all my heart and soul. I am not “In Love” with her, but rather I love her because of the fact that she is… well anything, everything, whatever she chooses to be. It really doesn’t matter. I don’t have to agree with the choices she has made, or will make; the love is still there because I understand that it is her path… her choice… it is not a reflection of me… well unless it is. These things do not have to effect me, unless I choose to let them.
Unconditional Love starts within, with the unconditional acceptance of yourself. Realizing that you may make some mistakes along your path… that in essence these mistakes will be & are a part of your path. It is the understanding that no matter what, you will love yourself, and because of that love, you will not judge yourself. It is the reality that there is no possible way for you to fail to be who you are. So therefore, you  do not have a need to judge others for being who they are. You are not required to have an understanding of their reasoning, nor do you have to agree with them. Just merely accept that they are who they are, acting as they have chosen to, for whatever reason best serves them. If what best serves them, doesn’t best serve you, then remove yourself from that environment. Seek out… search for what is the best reflection of you, and what best serves you. What is going to give you the best opportunity for growth? Look for that, if you so wish, otherwise don’t.
Some may believe that Unconditional Love is likened to “being in love” with someone. Yet it is not the same thing, though they both can be present in any relationship. Think of how you have felt about a pet… the feeling that no matter what, you love that creature. They may chew up your slippers, claw at your furniture, have an accident in the house, and yet… you love them unconditionally.
Sometimes, despite this love, you come to a point where you realize, this relationship with your pet isn’t working out for you. You then make the choice to release this pet of yours, to someone else who may find that relationship serves them. You haven’t really lost your love for them, rather, because you love them, you know it is best to let them go.
Please take that feeling of unconditional love, and apply it throughout your life. Bless everyone and everything in your life, with this love. Be thankful for everyone and everything in your life. They are all gifts for you… chances for you to grow.
Even those things that seem the hardest to get through, the toughest to deal with, the most negative of all situations, are gifts to be thankful for.
Take the time to think back to a situation that just seemed unbearable. You made it through it didn’t you? What changes in yourself resulted from that experience? How much growth occurred for you, and in what areas? Looking back at it now, does it seem all that bad?
I truly believe that we are never handed more than we can take on. Yes, it may challenge you, but I believe you will always find your way through it. Always!
Please seek out those in your life that have helped you along the way, and thank them. Let them know that you are grateful for their assistance in your life. These are the people who are in touch with the great wisdom within! Please learn from them! It is their example that will serve you well.
As always, I only wish you the best as you travel along your chosen path!
Copyright 2002 – Rev. Christopher – All Rights Reserved

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