When you meet anyone,
Remember it is a reflection of Self.
As you see them, you will see yourself.
As you treat them, you will treat yourself.
As you think of them, you will think of yourself.
Never forget this, for in them you will find yourself or
lose  yourself.
Author Unknown


When I read the above several years ago, I didn’t completely comprehend the meaning of it. I understood the meaning of each word, but not the depth of the whole. In the last few years, as I’ve grown spiritually through the challenges of my experiences, I’ve gained a better understanding of its meaning & how it relates to my life. I would like to share my understanding of this with you now.
We are being asked to understand that the people we know and meet in our life, are our mirrors. They reflect back to us the parts of ourselves that we would not normally see. They show us the parts of ourselves that we have ignored, and are in need of our attention.
Because they are our mirror, as we see them, we will also see ourselves. They are reflecting back to us exactly what we need to see about ourselves. When we find ourselves being bothered by another, we are seeing a part of ourselves that bothers us. Often times, we have hidden this part away from others and sometimes even from ourselves. We have placed it in the shadows,…out of view, so it can’t be seen.
It is in the process of seeking out & finding this part of ourselves, and then bringing it the loving light & acceptance it deserves, that we find we are no longer bothered by it.
We will also notice that as we love and accept these parts within ourselves, we will be loving and accepting of  these reflections in others. In other words, we will no longer find ourselves being bothered by that reflection. It also stands to reason that when we see wisdom, grace, love, acceptance, etc. in another, we are seeing our reflection in them. It is our wisdom, grace, love, acceptance, etc. we are seeing,…as well as theirs.
The way we treat others in regard to what we see in them, is a reflection of how we are treating that part of ourselves. As we treat them with disrespect, we are indeed treating ourselves with disrespect. As we dishonor them for what they are reflecting for us, we are indeed dishonoring the part of ourselves being reflected.As we bring love & respect to these parts within us, we will feel love &  respect for those outside of us.

The people in our lives play a very important role for us. They help us to see & understand all the aspects of ourselves. They deserve our love, respect & honor for their role in our lives.
Something that I believe is important for each of us to understand, is that each of us has the potential to be the murderer, the robber, the rapist, etc. that we have read or heard about. If the circumstances were right, anyone of us could be any of those things.

Life is a series of choices. How we choose to respond to life, determines our path. We have the choice to react in fear, or to react in love. In a state of fear, we see our choices as limited. In a state of love, we know our choices are unlimited. When we are in an environment filled with fear, we believe we must make certain choices in order to survive. In an environment filled with love, we realize our survival doesn’t depend on our making those same limited choices. We understand that we can break out of the fear filled environment by merely choosing differently.
Our judgments towards others are a reflection of the judgments we have for ourselves. Our judgments are out of fear and a lack of understanding. It is in the process of opening ourselves up to love, that we find a willingness to seek out understanding. As we gain understanding, we find we no longer have anything to be fearful of. In our love we bring light to the shadows within ourselves, where our “faults” are hidden. In the light of our love, these parts of us are illuminated and we gain an understanding of the role they play in our life, and in so doing, we find acceptance for them. That which we resist, persists. In finding acceptance, we let go of the energy we have used to keep these parts hidden. As we learn to accept these parts, they take on a natural balance within our life, & blend into our being.
When we think of our mirrors in fear, we reject them, as well as the parts of us they are reflecting. When we think of our mirrors in love, we have nothing but respect & honor for them, and the parts of us they are reflecting. We understand they are one of our greatest gifts.
We have choices. We can either find ourselves by seeing and understanding that what we are witnessing in others is our self-reflection, and they are there to help us, or we can lose ourselves by seeing and believing that the actions of another, are just their problem and continue to react from that belief.
It has been my experience, that when we choose the latter, we end up attracting several people and experiences that will surround us with this reflection until we get it.
I believe it is our higher powers wish, that we love and accept ourselves as much He/She/It does. It is Unconditional!
The first step is awareness!
What will you choose?

Rev. Christopher

Copyright 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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