Spiritual Interactions

Isn’t it interesting how our interactions with others or even the lack-there-of, help shape, and can even change our reality & theirs?

As I’ve traveled through my life, I have across a great many people, who have had a part in my life, even if for a mere moment in time. In these experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to witness something profound for me.
I’ve noticed that whenever myself or a fellow spiritualist, spiritually trips & falls, those around them have one of three basic reactions.
1. They can react by trying to take over for the fallen comrade and try to pick them up without any effort by the fallen.
2. They can react by continuing on their way without any regard for the fallen comrade.
3. They can react by stopping long enough to ask if they can be of any assistance.
In the first reaction, the fellow spiritualist appears to believe the fallen comrade will not be able to ever pick themselves back up and  they become overly involved. Perhaps they perceived the fallen as weak; forgetting that sometimes it is in the process of getting back up, that we gain our greatest strength. Perhaps it has been forgotten that one of the greatest gifts we can give another, is the room to discover their own strength.
I firmly believe we can be there for another, without interfering with their life choices. It is in the understanding that we each have our own lives to lead, that we give ourselves one of our greatest gifts…the gift of freedom to remain more focused on our own life choices.
In the second reaction, the fellow spiritualist appears to have taken the stand of, each person for themselves. Perhaps they have forgotten that sometimes, we all get ourselves into the position were we could use some healthy, loving assistance. That in the process of with-holding our love for another, we are doing a great disservice to ourselves and others. We have been presented with the opportunity to learn by showing our love and compassion for another. In the process of withdrawing from another in their time of need, we are resisting the opportunity to learn right along with them. Perhaps we believe that we have nothing to offer; but what if we do? What if the little we perceive we know, would make the difference for our comrade? What if we were being given the chance to gain so much more understanding through this experience of helping another? What if the mere gesture of being there to lend a helping hand, could make all the difference to our fellow life traveler? What if this one gesture of love and compassion was precisely the gift they needed? What if all they needed was to be heard with an open heart and reminded that they are so deeply loved?
Which leads us to the third possible reaction. In this reaction, we can perceive ourselves as walking a fine line between over-reaction and under-reaction. Another way to look at it is that we are in balance. With this reaction, we realize that we can be of some service to our fellow travelers, without getting too involved, and that we may even gain a greater understanding of ourselves in the process. In this reaction, we have the opportunity to express our unconditional love and compassion for another. It could also serve as an opportunity to remind ourselves of all we have to offer the world, and to remember our own inner strength. Perhaps it is in this experience that we discover something new and exciting for & about ourselves.
The first step is awareness.
What will you choose?
Rev. Christopher
Copyright 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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