Halloween at Bearfoot Healing – Granite Falls, Washington

 Bearfoot Healing in Granite Falls WA is offering a $50.00 off on your first coaching appointment coupon with each organza bag of USDA Organic gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free made with real fruit extract lollipops, and has teamed up with Dr. Bishop at Granite Falls Naturopathic to provide the same offer with her USDA Organic gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free raw chocolate candies.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT. offers three coaching programs at Bearfoot Healing in Granite Falls Washington:

  • Spiritual Path Coaching -focuses on personal & spiritual transformation and growth through dealing with past traumas (sexual, physical, emotional or otherwise), past unreleased spiritual vows, unresolved past relationships, issues with forgiveness, or regrets, the dis-ease you may be experiencing, finding your spiritual or life purpose, releasing phobias, and so much more, all with ease and grace.
  • Trauma Release Coaching -focuses exclusively on trauma releasing without the spiritual perspective.
  • Personal Performance Coaching -focuses on collapsing the emotional causes, hang-ups, yes-buts, and energy disturbances within the body to clear the way for peak performance in the corporate world or sports arena.

You can receive your 2011 Halloween candy at two locations:

Bearfoot Healing Copyrighted LogoBearfoot Healing
312 W. Galena St.
Granite Falls, WA


Granite Falls Naturopathic
112 N. Alder Ave.
Granite Falls, WA

You can also purchase Dr. Bishop’s Organic Chocolate online at


About Bearfoot Healing

Bearfoot Healing is an Energy Medicine Healing Center focused on working hand-in-hand with your existing healthcare provider as a form of complimentary medicine or as an alternative. We believe that healing completely can be multifaceted, which is why we focus on supporting your spiritual, emotional and physical needs whether you are using our vast energy and belief healing services as a compliment or as an alternative to Allopathic Medicine. We have found that the body has an innate wisdom for healing; when supported it is able to completely rejuvenate every cell making up the sum.
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