What heals traumatized kids? Answers are lacking – Everett Herald

What heals traumatized kids? Answers are lacking – Everett Herald

“I am excited for the day in which everyone knows about the depth of healing using Energy Psychology. Articles like this would be completely unnecessary if it were more widely known about.

There is a reason I use it as an anxiety, trauma, and ptsd specialist.” Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

What we know in Energy Psychology is that the cause for suffering after a traumatic event is that the experience has registered an energetic charge within the emotional body, which is the same as saying that there is an energetic/emotional attachment to what happened held within the cells of the body. Once this is resolved through tapping on the energy meridians and reframing, we have completely collapsed the charge around this issue. This results in a peacefulness when we look at what happened allowing for greater balance within.

When past experiences, especially traumatic ones, are left unresolved, we find ourselves acting, reacting and interacting with all of life from this wounded place within. The energy of our experience is being given unconscious say about how we feel and relate to life and all it brings to us or is actually attracted to us.

Life has an interesting way about it. You could say that something greater is at cause, though one way or the other we are given unlimited opportunities to heal our past experiencing. The next time it comes up for healing it may be wearing a disguise – presenting itself as looking different and yet the energy signature is the same; you can tell it is really the same issue by your response to it. When we resolve the issue, past or present, we neutralize and heal the original cause allowing us greater peace, freedom in relating, and it ends the cycle of drama.

Need or want help resolving your past? Rev. Christopher offers resolution through his Spiritual Path Coaching and Trauma Release Coaching programs.

About Bearfoot Healing

Bearfoot Healing is an Energy Medicine Healing Center focused on working hand-in-hand with your existing healthcare provider as a form of complimentary medicine or as an alternative. We believe that healing completely can be multifaceted, which is why we focus on supporting your spiritual, emotional and physical needs whether you are using our vast energy and belief healing services as a compliment or as an alternative to Allopathic Medicine. We have found that the body has an innate wisdom for healing; when supported it is able to completely rejuvenate every cell making up the sum.
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