Is this really what you want?

There are two petitions regarding covid-19 stimulus checks on

$2000/month to every American and

Demand Congress Pass A New COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The first one I signed when it first came out in 2020 hoping the Truth about covid would come out sooner rather than later; it hasn’t in the US so far, so I am putting my energy fully on right action in the following statement…

Personally, I am far less interested in any stimulus money and totally invested in bringing this whole covid agenda and “vaccine” to an end.

There is so much evidence from top scientists, doctors lawyers etc., speaking out about the truth of this situation and how the governments of the world and the US based CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH etc., have conspired to suppress humankind and alter/mold your behavior to suit their desired outcome through falsehoods, lies and social engineering and manipulation.

Two examples of the manifested outcome has pitted the vaccinated against the unvaccinated and masked vs. unmasked to create division amongst the populace and create a scapegoat and misdirection for what is actually going on.

That is just one small ice crystal on top of the iceberg that has been created under your noses.

Even with all of the misinformation, lies, falsehoods, manipulations through and by governments, mainstream media and social media companies, (particularly the Facebook family of companies and Google), there is a treasure trove of Truthful information right out in the open waiting for you, and it is all backed by scientific evidence, law, medical knowledge, spiritual knowledge, psychology and commonsense.

It is time to stop giving away your power and energy to the fear and control propagated by those who only have their own self-interest in mind. This means dismissing the stories governments, mass media and social media are feeding you, and investigating the Truth and what is Real. You are in essence feeding them and maintaining their control of and over you so you will fulfill their agenda at your expense.

Look around; is this the world you want to live in? Is this how you want your life to be? This will end only when enough people standup for themselves and their body and say no more!

If you knew just how detrimental all of this is and has been on each of you, you would not tolerate it any longer.

Blessings of Love and Light unto you.

I Infinitely Love You Completely and Fully.


Rev. Christopher StandingBear

About Bearfoot Healing

Bearfoot Healing is an Energy Medicine Healing Center focused on working hand-in-hand with your existing healthcare provider as a form of complimentary medicine or as an alternative. We believe that healing completely can be multifaceted, which is why we focus on supporting your spiritual, emotional and physical needs whether you are using our vast energy and belief healing services as a compliment or as an alternative to Allopathic Medicine. We have found that the body has an innate wisdom for healing; when supported it is able to completely rejuvenate every cell making up the sum.
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