What is really going on with covid?

The foundation of how covid came into existence


A deeper understanding of how covid came to be


A series of short clips in one video showing what experts are going through

Is it time to dig deeper and investigate and educate yourself?

What is the “pandemic” a cover for?

What are they trying to, and for many, succeeding to, distract the populace from noticing?

It is a lot like a magician using sleight of hand to deceive the observer.

I Love You!

Rev. Christopher StandingBear

About Bearfoot Healing

Bearfoot Healing is an Energy Medicine Healing Center focused on working hand-in-hand with your existing healthcare provider as a form of complimentary medicine or as an alternative. We believe that healing completely can be multifaceted, which is why we focus on supporting your spiritual, emotional and physical needs whether you are using our vast energy and belief healing services as a compliment or as an alternative to Allopathic Medicine. We have found that the body has an innate wisdom for healing; when supported it is able to completely rejuvenate every cell making up the sum.
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