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Support of two transgender specific petitions

It is well known I am a supporter of everyone being who they truly are and helping find what that is and resolving what appears to hinder their experiencing of True Self. I Know in my Heart that each of … Continue reading

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US Hwy 2 – How about a change of focus

Rev. Christopher StandingBear has written an open letter regarding driver safety on US Highway 2 in Washington State. “I have traveled Washington State Highway 2 multiple times a month for the last several years and have noticed that there are … Continue reading

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5 arrests in gang rape of 7 year old girl.

This post is regarding an issue written about and broadcast through the AP. In summary, a fifteen year old girl in Trenton NJ was invited to a party where she decided to have sex with a twenty year old man … Continue reading

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Avatar in 3D

I just watched Avatar in 3D at our local movie theater and I Loved It! Some will watch the movie and walk away saying how great the CGI was. I walked away with tears in my eyes ready to roll … Continue reading

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Avian Flu Weaponized-Press Release

The following is a press release by the Natural Solutions Foundation.  A word of warning: The approach taken by this organization is often from a position of fear, therefore they focus on worse case scenerios. Be advised that Bearfoot Healing is providing this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Interactions

Isn’t it interesting how our interactions with others or even the lack-there-of, help shape, and can even change our reality & theirs? As I’ve traveled through my life, I have across a great many people, who have had a part in my … Continue reading

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Points of View

I would like to start this entry off with a scenario. Let’s imagine for a moment that a collision has occurred at a four-way intersection. This collision involves two cars, with three people in each car; two adults and one child. The … Continue reading

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Reflections When you meet anyone, Remember it is a reflection of Self. As you see them, you will see yourself. As you treat them, you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget … Continue reading

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Protection and Control

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post. In light of some observations I’ve made over the years, I’ve decided to write about protection and control. Let me start out by saying that there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with being … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

This an excerpt from an e-mail I wrote on 4/3/02 entitled “Unconditional Love part 2”. The missing parts from this email can be found by reading “Fear” and “Grief & Loss” found else where in this blog. And so it … Continue reading

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