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Support of two transgender specific petitions

It is well known I am a supporter of everyone being who they truly are and helping find what that is and resolving what appears to hinder their experiencing of True Self. I Know in my Heart that each of … Continue reading

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US Hwy 2 – How about a change of focus

Rev. Christopher StandingBear has written an open letter regarding driver safety on US Highway 2 in Washington State. “I have traveled Washington State Highway 2 multiple times a month for the last several years and have noticed that there are … Continue reading

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5 arrests in gang rape of 7 year old girl.

This post is regarding an issue written about and broadcast through the AP. In summary, a fifteen year old girl in Trenton NJ was invited to a party where she decided to have sex with a twenty year old man … Continue reading

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Avatar in 3D

I just watched Avatar in 3D at our local movie theater and I Loved It! Some will watch the movie and walk away saying how great the CGI was. I walked away with tears in my eyes ready to roll … Continue reading

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Avian Flu Weaponized-Press Release

The following is a press release by the Natural Solutions Foundation.  A word of warning: The approach taken by this organization is often from a position of fear, therefore they focus on worse case scenerios. Be advised that Bearfoot Healing is providing this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Interactions

Isn’t it interesting how our interactions with others or even the lack-there-of, help shape, and can even change our reality & theirs? As I’ve traveled through my life, I have across a great many people, who have had a part in my … Continue reading

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Points of View

I would like to start this entry off with a scenario. Let’s imagine for a moment that a collision has occurred at a four-way intersection. This collision involves two cars, with three people in each car; two adults and one child. The … Continue reading

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