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How you can make a positive difference

The biggest most impactful results come from doing simple unexpected things for others. My housemate has visited his favorite espresso stand on a couple of occasions and experienced receiving a free drink paid for by the patron before him. Two … Continue reading

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Reminder – Opportunity to win FREE Trauma Release Coaching™

As a reminder on June 25th Rev. Christopher StandingBear started accepting new or returning clients and patients, as-well-as offering an opportunity to win a Free Trauma Release Coaching™ session for referring others to the Trauma Release Coaching™ program and whoever … Continue reading

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Trauma Release Coaching for Oso WA mudslide survivors and searchers

Rev. Christopher StandingBear specializes in healing the emotional effects of trauma including anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD, and is offering some healing time for both the survivors and searchers involved with the Oso Washington mudslide. At this point he is … Continue reading

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Releasing Anxiety and Panic Attacks w/o Pain or Drugs!

If you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks, then I am sure you will find the following link to be of great value!  Visit Releasing Anxiety & Panic Attacks for more information. Rev. Christopher StandingBear Bearfoot Healing

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